Inclusion is Everyone’s Business

24 September 2021

On Wednesday 29th September, #wishwednesday, we will be chairing and facilitating an event called ‘Inclusion is Everyone’s Business’  for our friends at Women In Social Housing (WISH) North East.

The event will start with a presentation about the value of inclusivity and how everyone, at every level of an organisation has an active role to play if an organisation is going to effectively embed and sustain an inclusive culture. We will be sharing some stories from our experience of what has and hasn’t worked and we’ll challenge attendees to commit to action: It’s not OK to say ‘we have an EDI team and so I don’t need to do anything’ or ‘we have an inclusive organisation ‘badge’ and as such job’s done’. We will be putting participants into workshops to discuss what they can actively pledge to do in their business to make inclusion everyone’s business so that we can reach the holy grail of inclusivity where everyone feels they have a role to play.

I love the story a friend once told me about phoning a company and asking to be put through to the person responsible for EDI, the person who answered the phone in the contact center replied with ‘we are all responsible for EDI here, how can I help you?’ How fantastic is that? That really is when you know you’ve got it right!


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