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Lucy Malarkey MCIH

Lucy is a multi-award winning equality, diversity and inclusion consultant and trainer. She specialises in the value of allyship and has been recognised for her contribution in this area. She is dedicated to collaborating with clients to create innovative solutions to improve workplace inclusivity.

With expertise in the co-creation of inclusive spaces for trans, older and younger communities Lucy was responsible for leading an organisation to the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index number one position.

Lucy’s drive for the agenda was first sparked when studying Politics at university and subsequently whilst completing a Post Graduate Diploma in Housing Policy and Management. She is a key member of a number of national equality, diversity and inclusion steering groups and an active voluntary diversity mentor and coach. Lucy is also a Board Member of Sunderland BIDa business led, working partnership to create a vibrant city centre with opportunities for all.

Her passion and commitment to the agenda, mean her contribution is both invaluable and infectious in influencing attitudes and behaviours and empowering staff to be themselves.

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Karen Faulkner MCMI

Karen is a qualified coach and mentor with a specialism in gender equality. She is dedicated to enhancing service delivery and creating more inclusive workplaces through helping individuals to bring their whole self to work and fulfil their potential.

As a Safe Space facilitator, she enables organisations to have difficult conversations about race equality in a structured and outcome focused way.

Her passion for the agenda is borne from her first hand experience of the benefits, opportunities and innovation created from managing diverse teams. She has a proven track record of delivering outstanding results in a customer and community context; collaborating with community groups from a range of backgrounds to put customers at the heart of decision-making.

Karen volunteers as a mentor for The Girls Network supporting girls to achieve their full potential, not limited by their background or gender.

Karen is an engaging and enthusiastic public speaker with a commitment to make a positive difference in relation to equality, diversity and inclusion.

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