An equality, diversity and inclusion consultancy delivering bespoke solutions to support organisations on their inclusion journey

We are a social enterprise dedicated to delivering tailored diversity and inclusion consultancy and training services to improve workplace inclusivity. We have a well developed range of products and services designed to support you to maximise your organisation’s potential.

What makes us different is that we fundamentally believe that creating inclusive workplaces is not about one-off interventions, but working with you, your values and your people to create a legacy of sustained and embedded inclusion.

Welcome to Positive About Inclusion a diversity and inclusion consultancy

We are a social enterprise dedicated to delivering equality, diversity and inclusion consultancy and training services. We are passionate about improving workplace cultures so that your organisation can realise its potential.

There is a strong business case for wanting to create an organisation that promotes equality, values diversity and fosters inclusion. 

  • By fostering an inclusive culture you can attract a diverse workforce.
  • Creating the right culture means you will be able to engage and retain your existing talent.
  • Engaged staff perform better in the workplace, helping your organisation achieve its strategic objectives.
  • An authentic commitment to diversity and inclusion improves your customer satisfaction enhancing your organisation’s reputation.

Our expertise means we are uniquely positioned to support your organisation to create an inclusive workplace. All of our services are delivered within a context of measuring outcomes, giving you confidence in achieving value for money and mitigating risk.

Why we are proud to be a social enterprise

Social enterprises are businesses that are changing the world for the better. It’s what we do with revenue generated that sets us apart, we reinvest to create positive social change. 

One example of the work we have completed as part of our social mission was with Sunderland People First, a self advocacy group for people with learning disabilities and autism. Recognising that historically there have been barriers for people with learning disabilities and autism to engage in relationships of choice and explore gender identity, the group contacted us about providing some safe and accessible training along with a follow up workshop to provide self advocates with increased awareness and understanding around sexual orientation and gender identity. We were delighted to provide this for free as part of our investment to create positive social change.

To read more about the work we do to deliver on our social mission please see our case studies page. 

We are proud to be a member of  Social Enterprise UK, the national membership body for social enterprises and their supporters. 


Recognition for Positive About Inclusion

Positive About Inclusion are delighted to have been recognised for delivering excellent consultancy services in the housing, engineering and construction sectors by being shortlisted for the Inspire Awards 2021.

Equally thrilled to have been shortlisted for the StartUP Awards North East 2021!




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