We are an equality, diversity and inclusion consultancy and training provider, delivering bespoke solutions to support organisations on their inclusion journey.

We are a social enterprise with a passion for delivering tailored services to improve workplace inclusivity. We have significant experience of successfully working with organisations from the public, private and charitable sectors on a range of projects and training interventions.

What makes us different is that we fundamentally believe that creating inclusive workplaces is about winning hearts and minds, and the value we bring is that we will work with you, your values and your people to create a legacy of sustained and embedded inclusion.

Why choose us?

We pride ourselves on the lasting solutions we co-create with the organisations with whom we work. Everything we deliver is bespoke, tailored to your requirements and aligned to your vision and values.

We are passionate about improving workplace cultures so that your organisation can realise its potential and our expertise means we are uniquely positioned to support you. All of our services are delivered within a context of measuring outcomes, giving you confidence in achieving value for money and mitigating risk.

But don’t just take our word for it, have a look at what people have said about us and the positive impact we have made in our case studies.

Why are we a social enterprise?

Our values are important to us – that’s why Positive About Inclusion is a social enterprise, a Community Interest Company. Social enterprises are businesses that are changing the world for the better and we are proud to be a member of Social Enterprise UK, the national body for social enterprises and their supporters. It’s what we do with the revenue we generate that sets us apart. With input from our diverse Lived Experience Advisory Panel, we reinvest to create positive social change.

We measure the difference we make and publicise this though our annual Impact Statement.

To read more about the work we do to deliver on our social mission please see our case studies page.


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