The diversity and inclusion consultancy services we provide to support organisations on their inclusion journey

We have developed a menu of diversity and inclusion consultancy services from which you can select a combination of interventions. However we recognise that no two organisations are the same and all of our services are adapted and tailored to deliver enhanced workplace inclusivity.

We are proud to be a social enterprise and a member of Social Enterprise UK, the national membership body for social enterprises and their supporters.

Our Five Key Elements

We believe there are five key elements to creating an inclusive workplace that values diversity. Through our diversity and inclusion consultancy services we would work with you to identify the tailor-made interventions for your organisation, aligned to your values and corporate artitecture. Everything we deliver is within a context of achieving value for money, mitigating risk and enhancing your organisation’s reputation. We measure the impact of every intervention undertaken.

Diversity Diagnostic

It can be difficult to know where to start to embed equality, diversity and inclusion within all functions and practices, and this is where our diversity diagnostic will help. Using our unique diagnostic tool, we would work with you to precisely identify your business strengths and areas for improvement, providing a report to outline areas of good practice, areas for development, key priorities and recommendations to enhance current practice.

Inclusive Leadership

Inclusive leaders actively create an environment where all colleagues feel empowered to bring their whole self to work. We would work with you to implement a range of interventions from training and reverse mentoring programmes to ad hoc scenario specific advice and guidance. We equip leaders and board members to create a collaborative and innovative organisational culture.

Staff Awareness and Belonging

Your staff are your greatest asset in creating and sustaining an inclusive workplace. We would work with you to harness the power of the allies and passionate people within your organisation thus ensuring a sustained impact. We design tailored training aligned to your organisation’s corporate architecture, delivered in engaging and memorable formats.

Customer Journey Mapping

What do your customers and service users really think? Does your commitment to diversity feel authentic? Using customer-centric research methodologies, we would engage with customer representatives from a broad demographic to establish the customer experience, analysing the data collected to identify areas of good practice or improvement.

Supply Chain Alignment

To be an inclusive organisation, your commitments and practice need to be embedded not just in what you do, but what your contractors and suppliers deliver on your behalf. We would work alongside your procurement teams to implement simple but effective approaches to implement inclusion within tendering, procurement and commissioning processes.

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