We deliver a comprehensive range of consultancy services and bespoke training solutions to support you on your journey to an inclusive workplace culture

Everything we deliver is designed to meet the unique requirements of the diverse organisations with whom we work. Through confidential conversations, we listen to our clients to create culture change.  

We are proud of the work we have delivered and our ability to effectively engage to make a positive difference. We measure the impact from our involvement and our testimonials demonstrate high levels of client satisfaction with both our approach and the results we achieve.

The Types of Project We Deliver

We deliver a diverse range of people focussed solutions, building lasting working relationships with our clients based on trust, honesty and authenticity. We have an adaptable approach to delivery – utilising both virtual and in-person methodologies. It’s what works best for you! Everything we deliver is within a context of creating and sustaining an inclusive culture, achieving value for money, mitigating risk, enhancing your people’s sense of belonging and your organisation’s reputation.

 Culture Diagnostic

We use qualitative and quantitative research methods to provide a health check on your workplace culture and  approach to inclusivity. These are tailored to meet your unique requirements and can either encompass the full organisational approach or focus on specific areas of operation such as inclusive recruitment practices, colleague retention or equality impact assessments.

Our diagnostics provide a detailed cultural position statement, identifying key priorities and recommending actions to enhance your inclusivity – all set within the context of best practice.

Some examples of our culture diagnostic work include:

  • Full health check diagnostics – completing a comprehensive review of the approach utilised throughout an organisation
  • Authenticity audits – assessing how an organisation’s online presence aligns to their values and commitments
  • Inclusive recruitment reviews – examining recruitment practices from getting the job description right to successful onboarding
  • Equality impact assessment analysis – establishing equality commitments within decision-making
  • Policy and strategy evaluations – appraising current practice and providing recommendations
  • Supply chain alignment analysis – identifying opportunities to embed EDI throughout the supply chain

Inclusive Leadership Training

We deliver a full range of bespoke training and development solutions for all levels of leadership, from the Board and Executive Teams to Managers and Supervisors. Investing in the training and development of your leadership is critical. Their active support of the EDI agenda sets the tone for the whole organisation, and increasing their confidence and fluency equips them with the tools to champion inclusivity and a positive workplace culture.

When it comes to training, one size does not fit all! All of our training is designed to reflect your corporate culture and architecture, your language, your values and your EDI context.

Some examples of our leadership training include:

  • Workshops for leaders focussing on effective challenge, being an active ally and how to move from unconscious bias to conscious competence
  • Board development workshops to increase EDI awareness and understanding
  • Executive Team sessions focussed on increasing confidence and fluency with activities examining the dynamic and evolving nature of language
  • Management Team development sessions exploring the behaviours and attitudes to embed an inclusive workplace culture
  • Strategic planning workshops supporting senior leaders to develop their plans and prioritise next steps

Innovative EDI Training

We design innovative and bespoke EDI training solutions and workshops delivered in engaging and memorable formats. Whether you are needing an outcome focused workshop for a specific team or training covering a certain aspect of your EDI work, we can create and deliver this.

Inclusion is everyone’s business and your colleagues are your greatest asset in creating and sustaining an inclusive workplace culture. Harnessing their power as allies through effective and engaging training ensures a sustained positive impact.

Some examples of the training we have designed and delivered include:

  • Games-based EDI awareness raising sessions for mixed groups of colleagues
  • EDI workshops for Communication and Marketing Teams exploring the importance of authenticity
  • Training for colleagues on the successful completion of equality impact assessments
  • Workshops and team building sessions for Staff Network Groups and EDI Working Groups, supporting them to identify and prioritise action
  • E-learning packages for colleagues working remotely 
  • Training for HR professionals on the power of being self aware and how to move from unconscious bias to conscious competence

Stakeholder Engagement

We have a proven track record of effectively engaging with stakeholder groups to support your inclusivity journey. We design and deliver enjoyable engagement events that achieve the outcomes you are looking for. These range from equipping stakeholders with the skills to be actively involved in your EDI initiatives to bringing community groups together to deliver social value.

As qualified coaches and mentors we are equipped to actively listen to the voices of your customers and beneficiaries, providing an invaluable perspective on your EDI journey regardless of whether this is regulatory requirement for your organisation. Hearing their unique stories and experiences can only add value to your approach.

Some examples of our stakeholder engagement include:

  • EDI workshops for involved tenants to provide skills, confidence and fluency
  • Training for residents’ scrutiny panels to support the delivery of EDI objectives including the scrutiny of equality impact assessments
  • Structured 121 interviews and focus groups designed to capture the beneficiary voice to inform research on service development
  • Inclusivi-TEA parties held for community groups to build relationships and provide networking opportunities that deliver social value
  • EDI workshops for stakeholder groups to create shared action plans and prioritise objectives

Insightful Research

We have significant experience of completing research projects with organisations from the charitable, education, social housing and grant funding sectors. From desk-top research to literature reviews and from 121 interviews to focus groups we provide a clear and comprehensive view. Our results and findings are presented in reports and presentations that provide actionable insight enabling organisations to strategically plan their next steps.

Basing your next steps on knowledge, facts and lived experiences rather than on assumptions is authentic and it will ensures the buy-in of everyone involved. Distilling the available evidence into insightful research with associated recommendations is invaluable.

Some examples of the insightful research projects we have undertaken include:

  • Completing a literature review of EDI within place-based community led development programmes on behalf of an Advisory Group for a national grant funding organisation
  • Completing a series of interviews and focus groups to establish feelings of confidence in relation to equality impact assessments for a large social housing provider in the South West
  • Carrying out research to establish tangible actions to progress the EDI commitment for a national federation of environmental charities
  • Conducting extensive research to identify the cultural impact of inappropriate behaviour and the positive steps needed to mitigate this for a Russell Group university

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