What Gets Measured Gets Done – Metrics for Measuring Diversity

27 November 2020
A measuring tape representing the fact that diversity measurements are important.

Measuring diversity – the phrase ‘what gets measured gets done’ is particularly relevant for diversity and inclusion because the biases that perpetuate workplace inequality are in the main unconscious and as such creating an inclusive workplace takes more than policies and programmes – it requires commitment, planning, measurement and action.

Using a diagnostic tool you can establish your risk areas and those of opportunity. Through measurement you can track the progress of your initiatives and through both of the above you can calculate the return on your investment. If an organisation doesn’t embark upon measuring diversity and tracking outputs and outcomes then a tendency to revert to habitual thinking can limit the return on an organisation’s investment.

The selection of meaningful metrics however is an art rather than a science and it depends on where an organisation is on its inclusion journey and the vision and values of that organisation.


  • Metrics evidencing the financial return on investment in EDI programmes will engage senior leaders/Boards and strengthen leadership commitment.
  • Metrics evidencing equality and fairness foster employee engagement and satisfaction.
  • Metrics demonstrating an ongoing commitment will strengthen an employer’s brand and reputation to both future employees and customers.

Our ethos at Positive About Inclusion is working with your organisation to develop your selection of meaningful metrics.

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