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11 November 2021
Lucy and karen holding impact statemententerprise day poster

Positive About Inclusion is a Community Interest Company (CIC) a profit for purpose social enterprise and as such it’s important for us to measure our positive impact and share this through an impact statement.

Today, 11th November 2021, is Social Enterprise Day and we are proud to celebrate this day with the publication of our very first Impact Statement.

We set up the business almost a year ago as a social enterprise because our values drive what we do and our Impact Statement describes how we have delivered on our mission as a social enterprise.

“We have chosen the #WhoKnew being a social enterprise meant following your dreams and making a positive difference because we feel that perfectly describes our first year as Positive About Inclusion.”

Karen Faulkner, Director and Co-founder, Positive About Inclusion

Social enterprises are different from traditional businesses because they have a social mission at their heart and social enterprises across the world are taking the opportunity today presents to shout about the positive impact of their work.

“We love being a social enterprise and we’ll continue to measure the positive impact from the work we deliver and share this on an annual basis.”

Lucy Malarkey, Director and Co-founder, Positive About Inclusion

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Positive About Inclusion Makes a Positive Impact

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