Communities Together Sunderland West – Diversity and Inclusion Awareness Training

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"Thank you for your informative session.... it made me think of Rosa Parks and her drive for equality." Emma Neal, Communities Togeter Sunderland West 

At a Glance

Positive About Inclusion was approached by Communities Together Sunderland West who asked if we could deliver some diversity and inclusion awareness training for members of their group. We were proud to deliver this training for free as part of our social mission.

About Communities Together Sunderland West

Communities Together Sunderland West is a constituated, not for profit, community group for people living in the West area of Sunderland.

Challenges and Objectives

The group requested an awareness raising session that would bring all of their members ‘up to speed’ with why diversity and inclusion matter and how the group can actively create an inclusive environment in their meetings, to ensure everyone feels valued and that their voices have been heard.


We provided a 20 minute long diversity and inclusion awareness raising session which provided members with information on the legal, moral, societal and personal reasons why diversity and inclusion matter along with advice and tips on how the group can ensure their meetings are inclusive and welcoming.


The group particularly enjoyed learning about why diversity and inclusion is about us all. In addition they felt that the advice about everyone needing to play a role in creating and sustaining inclusive meetings would be really helpful moving forward.

“Thank you for your informative session…. it made me think of Rosa Parks and her drive for equality.”

Emma Neale, Communities Together Sunderland West 

Ready to learn more?

With over 50 years of combined experience, we’re the right choice to start you on your inclusion journey.

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