Northern Housing Consortium – Cautious Optimism for Race Equality

1 March 2021
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Positive About Inclusion are delighted to have had an article published in the latest Northern Housing Consortium members’ newsletter.

The article, entitled ‘The Social Housing White Paper – Cautious Optimism for Race Equality’ explores the impact of Grenfell on the Government’s design of the Social Housing White Paper and it suggests three reasons for cautious optimism for the improvement of race equality in the housing sector in 2021:

Reason 1 – Growing Commitment

Society witnessed the power of consumer consciousness after the step change year in 2020 with the tragic murder of George Floyd prompting the resurgence of the international Black Lives Matter movement. Many in the social housing sector responded positively with clear statements on their commitment to race and equality.

Reason 2 – Increased Awareness

The November 20202 National Housing Federation’s report on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion makes for may uncomfortable but very necessary reading. It’s an initial step in their commitment to champion the agenda and raised awareness in the sector

Reason 3 – Determined Regulation

The Regulator of Social Housing announced it’s appointment of Kate Dodsworth as the first Director of Consumer Regulation. Kate is one of the funding members of Leadership 2025 and a trustee of the charity that is taking this work forward.

The full article is available for all Northern Housing Consortium members to read on the Consortium’s website.

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