Celebrating Our Birthday – Three is the Magic Number!

5 December 2023
Lucy and Karen are standing closely together and smiling broadly. Karen is holding up a candle that reads 'Happy Birthday'.

Celebrating any milestone in business is an opportunity to reflect on what has been achieved and to look ahead to the future. For Positive About Inclusion, celebrating our 3rd birthday certainly provided that opportunity for our co-founders and Directors, Lucy and Karen.

And what better way to celebrate on the day itself than with a trip to a chilly Glasgow to spend time with the brilliant team at the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA) delivering a follow up workshop from our original session with them back in September. For this session, the focus was on exploring, identifying and prioritising the actions they will be taking to bring their equality, diversity and inclusion commitments to life for the benefit of SFHA colleagues and members.

“Thank you so much for your sessions and for inviting us to help you celebrate your birthday! What a great couple of workshops – highly recommended.”

Louise Moules, Director of Operations & Membership

Reflecting on the achievement of celebrating our birthday, Karen observed “It’s such an exciting day for Positive About Inclusion and for Lucy and I. Every day has certainly been a school day and we have learnt to adapt to the needs of the different organisations and sectors that we’re expanding into.” Lucy agreed “Whilst our background is social housing, and we continue to work consistently within that sector, it’s exciting to see new projects and initiatives being commissioned from industries such as manufacturing and professional services!”

As well as expanding Positive About Inclusion’s offer during 2023 to encompass bespoke and engaging e-learning modules, the Inclusion Forum North East network continues to develop with two in-person networking events during 2023 and a programme of quarterly events and an online forum being planned for 2024. Added to that the exciting personal and professional development opportunities provided by an invitation to join the exclusive Aster Foundation social incubator programme being held in 2024, the future certainly continues to look bright.

For Lucy and Karen, and Positive About Inclusion, three is the magic number!

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