Curtins – ‘Success for All’

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"You absolutely smashed it - the content, the delivery - I can't see how anyone could listen to you and say they still don't get it!" Rhiannon Carss, Head of Communications at Curtins 

At a Glance

Positive About Inclusion was commissioned by Curtins who were looking for ‘an inspiring D&I speaker’ to engage with all of their staff at a live virtual event to celebrate Global Diversity Month. The purpose of the event, entitled ‘Success for All’, was to impassion everyone in the business to understand that they all have a role to play and to become role models in relation to D&I across the business.

About the Client

Curtins has a rich heritage that spans 60 years. Since Bill Curtin set up the business in 1960 they have grown from a small consultancy based in his house in Liverpool to having 14 offices across the UK and Ireland. Curtins takes pride in delivering the very best through partnerships with clients and other like-minded professionals. They are an Employee-Owned Trust, run by people for people, creating solutions for the built environment.

Challenges and Objectives

Curtin’s wanted a relatable speaker to help set the tone for their focus on D&I. They wanted the speaker to have the  experience of an industry that faces similar challenges and for the presentation to cover the what, the why and the how. What diversity and inclusion are, why they matter and how everyone has a role to play, across the business, to achieve ‘Success for All’.

“I just want to express appreciation for this event, the speakers and the organisers. Its incredibly refreshing to hear these conversations being had in this industry (I feel a bit emotional).” 

Curtins colleague attending the ‘Success for All’ event


Alongside the Chief Executive, Rob Melling, Executive Director, Jon Moister, and the amazing Stacey Copeland (public speaker and former pro athlete), our Director, Lucy Malarkey, provided a 20 minute presentation. By making the presentation engaging and through the use of stories Lucy effectively impassioned staff to understand that inclusion is everyone’s business and explained the three things we can all do are:

  1. To keep learning and grow our understanding by talking and listening

  2. To challenge those around us to adopt inclusive language and behaviours

  3. To be active allies and role models demonstrating our support for others

“That was superb! It was seamless and calm and all of you were great. Each part was engaging which helps for sure too.”

Curtins colleague attending the ‘Success for All’ event


The ‘Success for All’ event went down really well with Curtins staff, as the feedback which was received almost immediately after the event demonstrates.

“You absolutely smashed it – the content, the delivery – I can’t see how anyone could listen to you and say they still don’t get it!”

Rhiannon Carss, Head of Communications at Curtins 

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With over 50 years of combined experience, we’re the right choice to start you on your inclusion journey.

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“It has been a pleasure to work with Karen and Lucy, with them we have revised our approach, created new guidance and provided colleagues with more tools to help them. The training Positive About Inclusion carried out was engaging and comprehensive which received really positive feedback. Colleagues now feel more confident about taking EDI considerations into everything they do.”
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